Choosing the best office space for work

As we slowly emerge from the ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) pandemic era slowly but cautiously, we need to think about work efficiency and how to best achieve it. After all, while many work places transferred to the WFH option to ease the burden of time and money on both employers and employees alike, this was done primarily as a solution to mitigate the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. This did have its advantages, but many found that the WFH option offered its own set of problems, which affected employee efficiency and morale. Now, the time has come to rethink our stance.

Although many employers are happy to welcome their staff back to work at office, they have also enjoyed a taste of low overheads and are eager to follow through along these lines. This is where the smaller work spaces and co-working office spaces have risen in popularity. In Sri Lanka, this concept has caught on quite rapidly and more companies are enthusiastic about hunting for furnished co-working spaces that get the job done.

So here are some valid reasons why co-working spaces will be your best option:

  • Location- You may not be able to afford the best location for your office that facilitates client-employee meet-ups and enable the shortest travel time for employees. Opting for an already established co-working space will override such a challenge.
  • Infrastructure- You may have already moved out of large spaces you were paying thumping rents on, pre-covid. Along with it went all your infrastructure such as internet, telephone and other services. Now, purchasing such infrastructure will certainly be costly. Choosing to go for a space that offers this up-front will certainly be beneficial, monetarily.
  • Design- This is something you may be keen on, but just don’t have the time to worry about. Again, putting money down on an existing co-working space that is already furnished and ready to use, will put you out of your misery.

There are plenty of established co-working spaces in Sri Lanka. Depending on one’s budget, these can be accessed as smaller spaces or larger offices. Either way, you will be thankful to reverse the hassle of deciding where and how to work. Opting to rent such spaces will also allow for the flexibility required to let employees decide when they walk to come in, and when they want to work from home. This will, no doubt, ensure that already tight resources are well utilized and result in maximum productivity.

Such spaces are also the more viable option for startups. With ensured low overheads and costs that don’t take you by surprise, this will be the launchpad for businesses that are still finding their feet.

It is no longer sustainable to build offices from scratch or rent large buildings to maintain companies. The new-age employee is more adaptable to change as well, and you will find that they are happy to just have a space where they can meet, discuss ideas, troubleshoot and get some work done. In this backdrop, co-working spaces and are the way forward.

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