Employee Wellbeing as a Talent Management Strategy

How often do companies lose their best employees due to overwork and stress-related health problems? Even if employees stay, they are unhappy and disheartened, working out of a sense of necessity rather than professional fulfillment. It’s time company managements realize that employee wellbeing should be the cornerstone of their talent management strategy.

Firstly, when employers, whether it is for start-ups or large and established companies, interview potential work candidates they look for the most skilled and eager to fill those specific posts. In order to attract such people companies must have a culture of putting its employees’ wellbeing first. This means that employees must see that the workplace they are a part of, is a happy place where they are allowed to improve and grow while meeting the company’s objectives.

The best way to guarantee employee wellbeing is to approach it from multiple directions. One is to ensure that employees feel heard in their personal and professional needs. For instance, new mothers would like to know that their children are taken care of while they are at work. Perhaps a Daycare Allowance for such employees will make them more willing to come to work. If not, ‘Work From Home’ options are also a good strategy to retain your skilled employees while also allowing them to carry out their parental duties.

Many people also face financial burdens, whether they are just entering the job market or they have been a part of it for a while. Among these, student loans rank high. If companies understand these financial issues their employees face and allow for mechanisms that enable their employees to deal with such financial responsibilities, their employees will no doubt be happy and remain where they are.

Most employees also rank company culture high among their reasons to stay on in that place. Fostering good relationships among company staff through outside activities, work collaborations, co-working spaces and so on will pave the way for good friendships and sharing of knowledge.

If a company also has the means to allocate finances to help their employees enjoy health benefits, they should certainly do so. Making allowances for annual health checks, partnering with gyms for special packages for their employees, etc., are great ways to ensure that one’s employees are not only physically fit but also happy to keep working for an organization that obviously values their health.

Realizing that organizational success is mainly dependent upon the kind of talent you attract and retain is key in any business venture. Employees are a company’s biggest assets. Treat them well and they will give of their best. It’s simple logic.

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