Know the importance of your work environment

Being productive can depend on a variety of variables. These can be personal factors such as
approaching one’s work with the right attitude, how rested one is, how one tackles
everyday issues, and factors that are external to the individual, such as the right support
systems at work, the resources at your disposal, and even your work space.
Many of us grapple on the daily with some of these external factors that are beyond our
control. However, few employers and employees realize that the problems arising from
much of these external factors can be mitigated by facilitating the right environment for
work. In fact, it is as easy as choosing to conduct business in a well-designed and thought-
out work space.
What do we mean by this? Well, if one were to walk through a cross-section of office spaces
in Sri Lanka, one would find a mix of environments. Often, working spaces are not designed
by companies to extract the maximum productivity from employees. They are crammed,
uncomfortable and soulless. Yet, they don’t need to be. Now, there are many co-working
spaces and furnished office spaces that are available for lease that have been thoughtfully
put together with the relevant stakeholders in mind. If an employee wants to conduct client
meetings or conference calls, for instance, these work spaces have factored in the need for
privacy in their design. Coupled with the amenities and resources that one needs in the day-
to-day business environment such co-working spaces are a dream come true without the
heavy price tag.
Companies also have the choice to select between large office spaces for the more
established businesses and smaller ones for start-ups. The benefits of such spaces are quite
significant. Given that employers and employees look for productivity, work satisfaction and
greater bottom lines, when deciding on office spaces in Sri Lanka the variables that affect
these very factors need to be taken into account. Work spaces matter. A good work space
facilitates greater productivity simply because the employee feels that he/she has the
resources to work smarter.
It can be argued that the working environment and its impacts are subjective and that one
can even achieve a greater level of productivity from one’s home. This may be true, but co-
working spaces possess something that an employee’s home does not – work relationships
that motivate one to push boundaries and improve skills. So, with the right working
environment that encompasses the best working conditions cocooned within the best
working space, better results are possible.
Research shows that office layout, the light, temperature, noise, furniture ergonomics, etc.,
influence how we work. Employers must consider these in their office spaces. Somehow,
these affect workplace culture and psychological wellbeing, which are of paramount
importance in retaining employees. In light of the fact that many types of co-working spaces
are now available for hire in Sri Lanka as well, why not contemplate utilizing these in line
with one’s budget and necessities? Certainly, worth considering.

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