Making strides in the technology-driven new workspace

The world is ever-changing and this is, to a large part, due to the change in technology that
pervades every part of our lives from personal to work spaces. Anyone who says that
technology has not improved their lives in some way is not being completely honest.
Despite its certain complexities and disadvantages, technology has become the crux of daily
life in one way or another.
In the new workspace, significant technological innovations have been made to drive
businesses forward. One such important implementation in many workspaces all over the
world, has been the Digital Workspace. This is a mechanism that allows frontline staff,
people working from home, backend staff and all those working within an organization from
different locations, to meet in the same place at the same time for work purposes. The
Digital Workspace resides in the Cloud where most people store their data in today’s
advanced world anyway.
Many co-working spaces in the world have implemented the Digital Workspace, which
overcomes the challenges of liaising with employees working remotely, are travelling or are
unable to come into the office for any reason. This space facilitates uninterrupted idea
generation and helps business transactions to occur regardless of external factors. Simply
put, the Digital Workspace keeps the lines of communication open at all times.
Such technology may not be readily accessible to everyone due to monetary and other
constraints. And this is the reason why co-working spaces have become so efficient- it is the
fact that they are driven by modern technology, making resources available without a
problem to employees at a lower cost to the employer. As such, when companies rent co-
working spaces, they get to experience cutting-edge technology that they normally would
not have easy access to.
Another huge advantage of technology-driven co-working spaces is the protection it affords
to those using such spaces. Generally, co-working spaces anywhere in the world offer data
protection methods and secure technology that cannot be breached by outside parties. This
makes such co-working spaces more attractive to potential clients. Many co-working spaces
in Sri Lanka, in fact, offer companies this advantage, which allows for greater trust and
fewer issues.
In addition, most co-working spaces also offer the latest software to ensure that companies
that use these spaces have an edge in their daily business transactions. This again, saves
money for companies who would have normally have had to engage external service
providers who would be required to install such software and have them up and running
within stipulated deadlines. With co-working spaces that are technology-oriented,
companies bypass all the hassle and can get down to immediate business. Even in Sri Lanka,
several start-up spaces offer such benefits that, no doubt, give fledgling business the step-
up they so desperately need.
So, whether we like it or not, technology is taking us places. We can either hop on the
technology bandwagon or choose to go another way. However, there’s no denying that

without the necessary technology, we may find our businesses swimming against the tide in
a sea of tough and endless competition.

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