Rethink Your Office Space

If you’re thinking of modernizing your office space there are a few things to consider. Making maximum use of the space you have is essential, of course, but also ensuring that the new set up does not hinder work relationships and their efficiency is key.

To this end, an Open Plan office space serves this purpose and more. Not only does the absence of walls mean less construction costs for you, it also means more collaboration between employees, as there is more discussion, more sharing of ideas and more information flow, as a result.

It also does not bode well for employee health when people are cooped up in cubicles, hunched over computers. An Open Space office negates all that and allows for employees to interact freely with the unwritten rule that everyone is free to roam around the office and chat freely- within limits, of course! This helps create a more relaxed working environment that will, in turn, elevate employee mental health. And as we know, a happy employee is an efficient employee. This cannot be measured in money.

However, if you are worried about too much fraternizing and little work getting done, know that seasoned workers know that their work needs to be completed, targets need to be met and projects need to be finished if they are to be recognized and rewarded. This mindset needs to be the norm when engaging new employees to the company as well, with clear guidelines set on work ethic and efficiency. In any case, an employee who fraternizes too much at the expense of his or her work is sure to be called out by someone, as it is more visible in an Open Plan office!

Moreover, one also cannot discount the added benefit of saved money with Open Plan office spaces. Utilities and equipment can be shared, thus reducing expenditure on additional printers, fax machines, and so on. There is also more accountability with the collective use of such equipment when they are out in the open, as no one can misuse them.

There is also the capacity to increase employees with such a space, as all you need is another desk to be added in, and not hunt for a vacant room, should the need arise. Therefore, company growth becomes easy.

There are countless benefits to a well thought-out office space. Ensuring you obtain the best outcome for the money you spend means that you have already started making smart business decisions. Open Plan office spaces are more or less able to help achieve your business goals. Consider it.

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