Safety and Productivity in a Post-Covid office space

Let’s face it; this year changed a lot of things for us, especially with how we work. Many companies discovered that they don’t really need physical office spaces to get employees to work. Working from home proved to be just as productive for many, albeit with its own set of problems. However, for those who still need a physical office space to work and collaborate, we have had to rethink how we use such spaces in a post-covid environment.

To begin with, let’s look at how we collaborate on a project. Earlier, sitting next to each other in a conference room throwing out ideas, was the norm. Now we need to socially distance ourselves. The best way to do this even in the office is to use a digital platform to discuss ideas. Face-timing or even conducting zoom meetings or video conferencing from within the office will be the most effective.

However, you are now also faced with the option of remote work. Why not give employees this option if indeed their work does not require them to come into the office everyday? They can then opt to come into the office only when it is actually necessary. This might also help save on overhead costs.

On the other hand, you may still need to retain your workspace and have employees come in to work. Then you need to prioritize their safety. You will have to spend on added safety measures as a result. For instance, the cleaning staff will have to be instructed on regularly disinfecting the office areas- lifts, toilets, common areas, equipment such as telephones, etc. Given that this must happen more frequently than before, you might need to engage more cleaning staff to get this done. You will also need hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the office, in addition to readily available face masks, thermometers at the doors for temperature checks, and forms to be filled out at the entrance to your office by visitors of their address, any medical conditions, etc., for future reference if the need arises.

Finally, we must acknowledge that as human beings, we easily forget. We need to, at least for the foreseeable future, remember that we cannot live like we used to. Companies should regularly strive to remind their employees of restricting travel and holidays, regularly washing their hands and staying home if they feel the slightest bit unwell. Work can wait as safety comes first. If the management is careful and serious about such measures, employees will also do the same.

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