What your next office space should tell you

On the hunt for a new office space in these tough times? Perhaps you feel that this is not
the time to move…well, what if it is? A new office space is not a guilty pleasure; it may be
the very boost your business needs.
It is quite a misconception that only start-ups look out for co-working spaces while the
larger companies opt for furnished and large office spaces. In reality, hiring office spaces for
a company of any size has now become the way forward, rather than investing much
needed Capital on new buildings and design options. So, what is your next office going to
look like?
Modern office spaces thrive on open plans that allow for easy networking and interaction.
Rather than tiny cubicles that afford more privacy yet stifles open communication, open
plan offices should tell you that this is a working environment that values ideas and people.
This is also emphasized by the common spaces within the office. Places where people can
sit, share a coffee and snowball ideas while either sitting at a common table or lounging on
bean bags, is quite popular now in the business world. These spaces also allow for sharing of
resources that in turn, facilitate better employee relations. And of course, happy employees
are employees that stay.
Many office spaces in Sri Lanka are now embracing new trends and are experimenting with
open designs and bolder colors that are attractive but also functional. When someone walks
into such offices, their undivided attention is demanded- senses are awake and ready to
work. This is what translates to productivity.
In addition, in today’s business climate where expenses are high in general, it makes sense
to seek out co-working spaces that have already set up the relevant technology and have
the necessary resources readily available. Rather than leasing empty buildings and hunting
for furniture and technology service providers, moving into a space that is already equipped
saves so much time and money. Who doesn’t want that?
In keeping with new trends, it's also not a bad idea to hunt for office spaces that are
environmentally sustainable. Office spaces that use solar power, for instance, tells its
stakeholders that the business housed within its walls are environmentally conscious and
care about more than just their bottom lines. Reducing one’s carbon footprint in the world
is important and sends out a great message that your business cares about the future of the
Overall, your next office space should tell you that you are making great strides in a
changing world. That rather than following the pack, you are leading it. There are so many
office spaces out there for rent; choose a work space that fosters sustainable growth.

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